Raid UI in patch 4.0.1

Changes in the raid UI were evident during last night’s Icecream Citadel run. I took snaps and thought I’d write a bit about it because it took a little getting used to for me. Perhaps if you see this now it won’t be quite so jarring later.

When you enter a raid, likely the first thing you’ll see is something like what I saw:

Initial state

Patch 4.0.1 raid UI

Default state

This has the new initial state with my old settings overlapped. I had the raid groups broken out (see “Group 1” and “Group 2”) and these settings weren’t changed with the patch, which is unfortunate because it causes problems. Easily correctable problems, but still.

For example, when I right-click “Group 1” and select “Close” from the pop-up menu, the new-default UI collapsed over Group 2, making it difficult for me to close the Group 2 window.

Also note that all of the people in the raid are the same color and they don’t seem to be in any particular order. Also, they’re not grouped in any fashion, nor do they have mana bars or such. That can all be changed!

Click the yellow i icon in the panel to the left of the groups (the one with the icons (there’s a pic of it below)) to open up the following options panel.



Patch 4.0.1. raid UI

Interface Settings

Here all the good things can be changed. Pictured are the options I set for my own UI.

What do each of these mean? Let’s have a look…

Keep Groups Together

This is a bit counterintuitive. Normally one should expect that in order to use the dropdown menu you would need to select the box. In fact the opposite is true. If you check the box the pulldown grays out.

I believe this was checked for me, resulting in the screenshot above. That’s nuts, so I selected Group by Name, which alphabetized the raid. This was important because I was Master Looter, thus needed to find people by name quickly.

Display Incoming Heals

I have this checked but I imagine I’ll uncheck because a mage has no particular use for it.

Display Aggro Highlight

When checked will outline the character’s box with a thin red line. I turned it on mostly out of curiosity to see what it was like but there’s no particular need for a mage to have it on.

Display Power Bars

Show how much mana (&c.) each character has. Useful of course to see if you need to wait on mana. (But as mages we’re all just waiting on the tank regardless, eh?)

Display Borders

The border is thin and unobtrusive. Having no border is of course more elegant. You can see the border in the screenshot above.

Display Only Dispellable Debuffs

If you can, for example, decurse a debuff off of someone, this will show only that debuff so it’s not lost among icons you can’t do anything about.

I had high hopes that this would finally replace Decursive as the de facto required add-on for the Lady Deathwhisper fight in Icecream Citadel. Alas, I was mistaken. While it’s very helpful to see just the one debuff the icons are still too small to see easily at a glance (even in a 10-person raid). As well, there’s no audio warning that someone’s acquired a debuff.

Therefore, sadly—with profound sadness, really—I must say that Decursive remains a required add-on, even though it’s for a single fight in a single instance.

Display Pets

I wasn’t expecting it, but this groups all the pets at the bottom of the raid UI and doesn’t pair the pet with the master. I suppose that’s neither here nor there, and it makes seeing all the pets at once easier, but I assumed the boxes would have the character with the pet underneath.

Display Main Tank and Main Assist

This can be handy even if you’re not a healer, like if you’re a target-of-target fan. It displays the tank and main tank characters to the left of the rest of the raid.

Everything all together

Patch 4.0.1. raid UIHere’s everything at once, except for aggro, during a ready check—including someone who’s offline (one of many such occurrences during that night).

I have everyone sorted by name with class colors and power bars, but not including pets.

Also, the info/icon panel is slid out but normally there’s no reason for it to be. It can be minimized by clicking the yellow left-pointing arrow in the middle of the panel.

Note that one of the tanks, Krellpaulson (see the shield), is targetting Baerd. During the ready check Baerd’s icon is skewed and squished. It’s disquieting.

Also note that I can see that everyone in the raid has my Arcane Tactics raid buff (adds 3% to everyone’s damage) via the purple icon.


Also note in the control panel that there is a list of roles. You can choose a role for yourself and be tracked (sorted) that way by others in the raid.


Below that are buttons for selecting raid groups.


Next are giant icons for assigning to characters. Unfortunately there are add-ons like Deadly Boss Mods that overwrite assigned icons. (I find that frustrating.) However, this makes it much easier to remove icons that various add-ons assign seemingly willy-nilly to people in the raid.


Role check will query people to assign their roles. Ready check, of course, issues a ready check.


This icon is awesome. Click it and then choose a color, then you can put out a colored smoke flare like the kind engineers used to make. This can be enormously helpful in planning a fight. We used them a lot in the Festergut fight, for example, to let everyone know where they should run and group when the spores came calling. I’m sure there will be many a future use now that it’s so easy.


These two buttons control the raid UI itself.


So far I’m liking it a lot better than the previous UI, particularly with the ease of assigning icons, placing colored smoke flares, and alphabetizing raid members. I wish decursable debuffs were larger and there was an audio alarm, alas.

The single best improvement? Alphabetizing members. I find people in the raid UI most often by name over anything else.

Unfortunately, for master looting, one still has to suffer by selecting the recipient by group, not by name. I’m still left looking through the UI trying to find the person to give things to, which is frustrating.

(Note that we’re instituting a new loot policy for guild runs: The ML will take all objects then hand them out according to who won the roll. This is acceptable for guild runs and it keeps the master looter from being left behind while everyone moves on. With this new policy having everyone listed alphabetically is an enormous help!)


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