The trouble with Patch 4.0.1

A very dangerous place

When is Patch 4.0.1 leaving beta?

We’ve been trying to kill the Lich King. There was some effort and good progress, then a great hiatus as interest in WoW waned altogether, but with Patch 4.0.1 interest is back on generally and in killing the Lich King in particular.

One thing has plagued us in our efforts: Patch 4.0.1, the very thing that’s brought us back together. Specifically, these problems:

People cannot enter ICC.

This happens a lot. If there isn’t a problem in joining the same instance as everyone else, then it’s a problem of re-entering after a wipe.

Usually what happens is that someone’s WoW will hang or crash when either getting to ICC’s loading screen or accessing the teleporter inside ICC.

The fix is to not only log off but to log on to an different server altogether, then return to the original server. Rarely WoW will hang or crash so profoundly that a full computer restart is required—but even a restart won’t help the problem since you still have to go to a different server first.

People are mortal after death

After a wipe it’s anyone’s guess whether you’ll appear outside ICC as a spirit or in your mortal body. You’ll have to fly back to ICC either way, but it’s disconcerting to appear suddenly alive outside the instance.

But why this is significant is that if you’re mortal the chances of your not being able to re-enter ICC, or having WoW crash once you get inside, or some other problem increase dramatically.

Spells don’t work

Mages are having trouble casting refreshment tables. I’d say it was just me but that’s not the case, it’s happening to more than just me. Fortunately during the actual combat with the Lich King all combat spells have worked.

Delays between fights

These—and other—problems are extending the time it takes us between fights, so we get fewer attempts at the Lich King per night. I can imagine how many times we would’ve fought him in the past two nights alone if everyone in the raid had not encountered a Patch 4.0.1 problem and that number is, shall I say, higher than what the actual number was.

I just want to kill the Lich King. It would be fabulous if the game itself would stop cockblocking that.


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