Monday macro: Counterspell

Luxeed keyboardToday’s macro is pretty simple—but critically effective in certain situations:

/cast Counterspell


Counterspell only works when the target is actually in the process of casting so timing is everything. This macro will help you get Counterspell off before it’s too late.

When you’re going through your normal rotation you may find the target is casting something back at you or your mates. You need to counterspell it immediately—but you are (well, should be) already in the process of casting. By the time you finish your spell, your enemy will have gotten their spell away.

This macro stops your rotation with the /stopcasting line. This frees you up to cast Counterspell, which the macro does immediately.

I highly recommend this macro. Counterspell is much less useful without it.

And, yes, you can do something like jump or take a step when you need to stop casting but this reduces your workload down to a single button or click and, as is always preferable, without using any add-ons. Casting is quick—seconds count.


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