Tuesday Treasure: Staves

Staves. I’ve been using Abracadaver for the longest time. So long, it seems, that I got it the first time I stepped into Icecream Citadel. It drops off of Festergut and while it’s not as ugly as many other staves found in Northrend, it definitely does not look like it should be wielded by a mage.

Abracadaver side view

Image courtesy WoWHead.com

It looks very tribal. There’s nothing wrong with that motif per se, but mages are not really tribal casters.

The stats of the staff, however, are good—the best you’re likely to come across unless you’re hardcore. It even summons a wee corpse that will run out and attack your target for a few seconds before it’s killed and enjoys a 15-minute cooldown. I always forget to summon it. Always.


But once you kill the Lich King and get lucky on a drop, you might get this:

Halion side view

Image courtesy WoWHead.com

Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love is not really ideal but it’s the staff you’re most likely to get because it drops in Normal 10-person ICC. It looks like it belongs to a mage (though a frost one of course) but its stats aren’t really that much of an improvement over Abracadaver. It offers only 55 more spellpower and sacrifices haste for crit.

Big boy

If you’re lucky enough to be in a 25-person ICC then you might also be lucky enough to get an honest-to-goodness staff upgrade:

Archus side view

Image courtesy WoWHead.com

Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas offers 992 spellpower (169 more than Abracadaver) but 6 less haste. It also has Spirit which you should immediately reforge into Mastery. It looks like a mage staff but doesn’t associate itself with a particular element. A great choice!

If you’re lucky enough to get in on a heroic 25-person then you’ll enjoy 1,118 spellpower and 141 haste, three red gem slots instead of two, and enough Spirit to reforge into Mastery that you’ll be sitting pretty.

Personally, I’m content until Cataclysm comes out in 27 days. We’re still killing the Lich King and so there’s a chance that Halion might drop, but really it’s not worth expending a lot of double rainbow wishes on it.

Better to save that energy for a rare mount drop.


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