No more clown suits?

WoWInsider has the best news about Cataclysm in weeks—a more beautiful questing experience.

Quest rewards will give equipment that matches with other quest rewards, thus mitigating the unfortunate occurrence of characters looking like rodeo clowns through no fault of their own, by doing what they’re supposed to do: quests. Behold this example…

Image courtesy WoW Insider

Frankly, I don’t care much what the individual outfits look like just so long as they’re not horrifically clownified like they are now.

I recently transferred my paladin to my main server, after not playing her since the level cap was raised to 70. I was shocked at how awful the character looked after being in a consistent tier set for so long on my mage. A black hood for a helmet, bright red boots, gold arms, multi-colored torso. And I think the shield flashed.


So happy this will be less of a thing.


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