Patch 4.0.3 drops. Notes & reaction

Patch 4.0.3 was released today! As is usual for patches, enjoy some of the patch notes plus reaction to same. There’s not a lot this time (the expansion is in a few weeks) but there are still some things here and there…

Much of the data being downloaded in patch 4.0.3 will pave the way for the shattering of Azeroth shortly before the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm on December 7.

Excellent! Also, I’m going to try the trick of downloading yet even more Cataclysm data prior to the release.

My spousal unit and I secured pre-order receipts for the Collector’s Edition just the other day. It’s a midnight opening for the store so by the time we get back we’ll be tired so any amount time that’s saved from the installation process will be extremely welcome.

When in a Looking For Dungeon group, using an instance portal to that instance will now take players to the Looking For Dungeon entrance point instead of the normal destination of that portal. This will make it easier to return to the instance after dying in an LFD group.

I don’t quite understand the difference between instance portal and LFD entrance point—but anything that makes it easier to return to the instance is good.

The default UI Scale has been altered so it will be set at a 1:1 pixel/texel ratio. This will result in a smaller UI appearance for higher resolution monitors.

I’ll have to see it in action but I approve.

Players may now adjust the local “Lag Tolerance” time for better precision of spell timing. This is an advanced-users-only feature found in the Interface Options (Combat) panel.

Advanced is right. Stay away from this setting unless you know what you’re doing. Basically, you can set the amount of time between a button press and the game acknowledging it.

Queuing in Looking For Dungeon for a different wing of the instance a player is already in now works properly. For example, a party can now queue for Scarlet Monastery – Library after completing Scarlet Monastery – Graveyard.


Area heal-over-time effects should no longer cause players to stand up.

I was wondering what was keeping me from my fish feasting…


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