Been hitting Cataclysm as hard as I can with the time I have and I must say I’m triple impressed with, well, everything.

I also created my worgen hunter, Abwick, as has been discussed here at length before. I took a series of screenshots just last night in the worgen starting area and thought this one wasn’t too bad:

Gilneas carriage quest

Gilneas carriage quest

That’s Abwick at the reins, though one can hardly pick it out. I wanted to keep the camera way out on this shot to keep the terrain and background in the frame. Gilneas is a very nice starting area and quite atmospheric and fun to adventure in.

Gilneas is dark, gloomy, drizzly, and much like how it is here in the Seattle area sometimes during the winter (especially on days like today when we get barely over eight hours total of sunlight (which is often suppressed by oppressive overcasts), and it sets just after 4 p.m.).

I’m quite enjoying my activities in Gilneas. The urge to make a blog just for Abwick is strong. I would do it, too, if there was more RP in my WoWing. Until then, the occasional mention here will have to suffice.

Soon, I’m hoping to get into one of the new dungeons and try things out mage style. There will be a post or two about that experience, I can guarantee…


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