WoW TCG loot cards are a terrible experience

Landro's Gift loot card

This had better be awesome

I got the Collector’s Edition of Cataclysm and it included a loot card from the trading card game (TCG). It was high time to redeem it!

Have you redeemed a loot card since Cataclysm launched? No? Here’s how it works…

The code

Underneath the gold foil is a code for the item. The first surprise was that the code is just a string of numbers (a very long string) and the numbers aren’t grouped for easy entering into a website. It’s just one long string.

The website

You don’t go to any of the WoW sites…at least not right away. Instead, you go to the website that’s printed in tiny point size at the bottom of the card.

Once there, you’ll find that you enter the number in groups—but uneven groups so you don’t know how many to enter when.

Then you have to enter your realm. What? What? Why? This makes no sense! I would guess that behind the scenes what this does is “release” the object into the realm’s database, where it will sit until it’s claimed. In game.

Why can’t I claim this item from the website like I can every other object I’ve ever redeemed?

Then there’s captcha.

The second code

The entire purpose of this rigmarole is to obtain another million-digit code. I cannot fathom the reason for this. Two wholly separate codes? But…why?

But it’s in-game…right?

It’s an in-game item so of course one must be in the game to redeem it. This makes perfect sense, in that it makes no sense at all. So, now to actually get the item I have to go all the fuck way down to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale, speak to a merchant, and then I’m ready for the best part…

Manual entry

I get to enter the code by hand! Wonderful! The million-digit second code has to be given in-person to a merchant. There is nothing about this that keeps me in the game experience. Is Abethany, a mage who killed the Lich King, expected to walk up to a goblin merchant then belt out a million-digit code?

That’s very immersive.

This had better be the best loot item ever. (Except it’s not, whatever it is.) If this is a non-permanent item a gasket shall be blown. But don’t tell me if it isn’t, I want to cling to the hope that it’s a fun, nice, cool thing I can carry or do or whatever whenever I want, like while waiting for people to get to the dungeon.

If it’s a limited-use item I’ll never redeem another WoW TCG loot card again.

It’s just not worth this amount of hassle.


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  1. When I first loaded the wowtcg site, the captcha graphic didn’t load, so after entering the code from the card it took me to the general wow cataclysm site. Hitting back re-loaded the graphic and kept the long string so I could enter the captcha code and then it took me to the correct site with the next code. From there you can actually highlight the code and Copy it and Paste it in game (at least on my Mac it worked).

    All that for … mana biscuits! (woot?)

    • That’s exactly what happened to me. I didn’t put it in the original post ’cause I didn’t want to be too verbose and bitchy about it.

      And, of course, last night I completely forgot to go all the way down to Stranglethorn Vale to get it.


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