Deepholm: Shattered grandeur

Behold, the other side of the great vortex…

In Deepholm lookin up at the underside of the great vortex

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Last night was my first foray into Deepholm and the wonders therein. I was summoned there via a stone to participate in a dungeon called Stonecore, so I don’t actually know in character for certain that that’s the Great Vortex that we’ve seen on our maps—but it might as well be for its impact on the environ.

A tumbling tower in Deepholm

(can be enlarged)

Among the wondrous things in Deepholm are fantastic structures that are tumbling over, yet frozen in that moment in time. Take this tower. Its pieces are forever falling, the individual stones turning in place never quite reaching the ground. Beautiful and awesome.

Shattering Deepholm tower

(will enlarge)

This tower is forever shattering. Its pieces are locked in limbo, no longer part of the tower yet unable to join the ground. Terrible and beautiful.

Future Deepholm foes


Future Deepholm foes. I discovered these fellows as I was exploring the area. They have names but I don’t yet know their significance. No doubt we’ll meet under less friendly terms…

Stonecore finale

(click me)

Guild companions and I visited Stonecore last night—it was marvelous fun! Not a single one of us had ever been to the place and we went through the dungeon absolutely cold, not consulting anyone or anything on strategy or tactics or being forewarned of any dangers.

There were a few deaths but we were victorious! I snapped this pic as I was exploring the area following the evil queen’s demise. As outside the dungeon, all these pieces are trapped in place.

Deepholm is an eerie and exciting environment. No doubt I’ll be spending quite some time there in the future and I won’t mind it one bit. Quite the contrary—I can’t wait to return…



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