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Blizzard is posting a daily log of hotfixes, which is a good thing. The fixes for December 8th include…

Guilds no longer receive guild experience when earning guild achievements. You can read more about this on our forums.

If you’re going to make a change like this it’s better to do it as close to the beginning of the feature as you can. And since it’s so early it’s at a point that doesn’t impact the guild I’m in in any significant way.

Players are again provided a spectral flying mount while in spirit form if killed in Ahn’Qiraj: The Fallen Temple.

A quick note about this: spectral flying mounts should be available. Always. Everywhere. Corpse questing is enough of a penalty. Having to hoof it all the way back has become a bit old.

Older still is having to trek all the way back to the final boss in Stonecore.

See, here’s the thing: People die the most in dungeons. Therefore, dungeons should be the most accommodating when it comes to corpse questing. First, you have to corpse quest back to the entrance of the dungeon (thank you, spectral flyer!). Then you have to walk all the way back to the same place you were.

Icecream Citadel had exactly the right solution to this by deploying teleporters at each stage (even one for a specific monster, Sindragosa). Stonecore also has teleporters—but none remotely close to the final boss. So…what might be up with that?

Players are no longer able to refund an alternate-cost item if they level up during its refund timer.

During this period of rapid leveling, I hope the UI informs people of this potential gotcha.

Fishing skill gains were increasing too rapidly past 500 skill and have been adjusted.

Boo. And by “boo” I mean “I didn’t get around to doing enough fishing before this was fixed.” Curses!

There are now more Rampaging Worgen in the introductory worgen questing experience to support large groups of questing players.

I did not notice a problem a few days ago when the area was choked solid with worgen—but more is always better! Always!

Worgen characters must now complete “Endgame” for Admiral Nightwind to gain the option to port to Rut’theran Village.

Oh! Good to know! I’m a completest when it comes to starting area quests so I imagine I would’ve done it anyway as long as it wasn’t frustrating.

Thanks for posting these, Blizzard! 🙂



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