I, too, am on a horse

See? Horse!

Abethany on a sea horse

Clickity to embiggen

The undersea mechanics are wonderful. I was worried that it would, you know, suck but this is really not the case at all.

First, sea legs is a buff that allows breathing underwater and rapid swimming. Then, through a series of quests, a sea horse as pictured above may be secured for your use and enjoyment.

The quests through this delightful zone have been fun, interesting, good with story, and surprisingly not terrible to accomplish even though there are 10 million people in the zone all doing the quests at the same time.


One method Blizzard is using to keep choked quest areas humming is by reducing the respawn rate of monsters. Unfortunately, this all too frequently results in instant respawns, which can be nice if you need to kill six snakes—but it can make it impossible to extricate oneself from combat when necessary.

This can be particularly bad if one were to encounter two monsters at once. One of them will respawn before looting is completed on the group, forcing another encounter. It’s possible to be slowly overwhelmed as happened to me when I entered such an encounter with too few hit points.

But this is an acceptable consequence. I would much prefer to be able to complete my quests in a timely and realistic fashion than not.



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