The problem with staves

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion had a problem with staves. Namely, they looked horrible. I believe I’ve described them before as being made by blind hillbillies with no sense of taste.

Adding to this problem is that I’ve been using the staff Abracadaver since forever and I’m positively dying to have something new. Anything.

Will Cataclysm address this problem? What ho! A new staff as a quest reward! Behold, the Medusoid Staff!

Medusoid Staff

Click—if you dare!

The tentacles animate constantly! How perfectly awesome! The stats aren’t too terrible really and, to be honest, it’s worth considering swapping it in for Abracadaver. I mean, it would get me away from Abracadaver and my stats don’t really matter until I’m 85…right?

But there’s a problem

When the staff is stowed an unfortunate thing occurs…

Medusoid staff equipped and worn

You may click...

The tentacles play grab-ass! No. No, I shall not wear a staff that constantly grabs my ass. I foolishly thought that the tentacles would animate above my head, which would’ve been completely cool. Instead, I would have Grabby McGrabber trying to get in underneath my robe morning, noon, and night.

No, thank you. It’s Abracadaver, again, until I find something else. Anyone know if those blind hillbillies are still in business…?



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