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Abethany in winter gearYikes, has it been a week since I posted? A lot has been going on—so much I’ve been too busy playing to post!

First, that’s me in winter gear. I have decided that whenever I’m in town that I’m going to dress appropriately for the holiday and/or season (which, in this case, is slutty). Then, when I get to a dungeon or out and about for questing, change into regular ass-kicking gear.

When it’s not a holiday, I’m thinking an elegant black dress of some sort. Something that says winter formal.

Speaking of gear

I have abandoned all of my Bloodmage Regalia. It’s gone, every piece has been replaced by quest greens and perhaps a blue or two.

I fully expect to be in greens for awhile as I both level up, profession up, quest up, achievement up, and hop in a dungeon every now and again to make sure I remember how to raid.

Hit me!

I used to be so over hit-capped that it was ridiculous. I replaced a few Bloodmage Regalia things and went about my merry way until I saw a “Miss” appear in my floating combat text. Oops! Turns out things aren’t as hit crazy as they were before. I have since corrected the imbalance and ensure that my character sheet reads 0.00% chance of missing. How embarrassing!

Got my mind on my money

Embersilk cloth iconLevel a profession—or make bank on the Auction House using the material one needs to level? Tough call. I’ve been doing a bit of both, which has resulted in fairly mediocre performance for both. I’m neither gold capped (ha!) nor maxed out in any of my professions.

Here’s the thing though: I don’t really have a crying need for gold right now. There aren’t any big ticket items that I have my eye on, so why am I hitting the AH? Because now’s the time to do it. Prices are a bit inflated right now and if ever there was a time to sell copious amounts of embersilk then I’d say this is it. Prices could stabilize any day and by then it’s too late!

There was even talk from on of my guildmates of starting a trading conglomerate dedicated to making gold. Interesting idea. I should prove that I can make some gold on my own though before I consider trading up, as it were.


As of this writing, Abethany is level 84. I started in Vash’jir and did, I think and hope, all of the quests available there (or virtually all—I got the achievement and kept going for a bit). Absolutely beautiful realm but I was glad to finally leave it when the quests were complete.

Shattering Deepholm tower

I then went to Deepholm. I was going to go to Mount Hyjal because that’s more level-appropriate, so I hear, but I got distracted by a shiny object or something and went to Deepholm instead.

I’m quite liking the quests there, and the environment itself. It’s just a pleasure to tool around on a magic carpet there and the quests seem somehow more entertaining than in Vash’jir, though at first glance I’m not sure why that would be.

Perhaps one reason is that Deepholm is easier to navigate and understand. It’s a circle with an interest point in the center and everything relates to that. Vash’jir is all jumbled up and interesting and different—but sometimes hard to navigate.

Many others in the guild are already 85 but I’ve stuck to my guns and experienced content (and leveled) at my own pace. I haven’t rushed through anything and I’ve been reading all the quest text and getting the story, which is how I like it.

Our guild leveled up and so we get more XP for doing things so this has helped me level faster than I would have otherwise. And that’s fine. Even at 84 I’ve been without-warning invited into raids to help out, so I guess my DPS is keeping up and isn’t shameful.

(Should I download a damage meter? I haven’t used one in forever but since everything is new, with new talents, gear, and all the rest perhaps it would behoove me to diagnose myself with one…)

The best thing?

Being able to fly around Stormwind remains the bestest thing in the whole wide world. Very awesome, that. 😉



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