Sights of Cataclysm

Been tooling around Cataclysm, of course, and have thoughtfully snapped pics which I thought I’d share here. Didn’t have a reason in particular for taking them, don’t have a reason to share ’em, but nevertheless both of these things happened…

Bear on a camel

Click to see the full-sized image

How could I not begin with a bear riding a camel? This is part of an event in a dungeon in Uldum. In it, everyone rides a camel! And, if you’re a druid, you can be a bear riding a camel! Hilarity!

Panther riding a camel

Click to enlarge…

Or, you could be a panther riding a camel.

An abandoned camp in Uldum


One of the things I greatly appreciate is the attention to detail that goes into things that don’t “need” it. Take this abandoned camp in Uldum. It’s in the middle of nowhere and has no interactive features. No NPCs to give or get quests, no resources to mine. It’s just…there.

Note that the tent has boxes inside it—and the canvas has stitching. There’s a half-buried relic nearby and a shovel stuck into the ground. Whoever was here it looks like they had to leave in a hurry. What was it? Who were they, and why did they have to leave so suddenly? I like thinking about such things and detailed random miscellany bring the world to life for me—even though there’s “nothing” there.

Bird statue in Uldum

Click me.

Similarly, this statue in Uldum. It’s not quite so remote as the location pictured above, but there didn’t need to be as much detail in the room as there is. I like the scarab lamps in particular.

Hide your wivesNot everything is serious. I happened to snap this pic just in time to catch this bit of dialogue.

Lord Magnathar

Click to make Lord Magnathar even bigger!

Lord Magnathar can be defeated by becoming a whirlwind (pictured center) and assaulting him with various magics. It’s like a vehicle fight except you’re on rails. It’s still fun though! Lord Magnathar has some impressive poses and is appropriately scary.

Stonecore corridor

Will enlarge…

I actually took this pic to illustrate a point in my guild’s forum, but looking at it now, I think it’s pretty as a stand-alone image. This is in Stonecore, a dungeon in Deepholm.

Look forward to other pics every now ‘n’ again. 😉


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