Volatile Fire

Volatile fire fishing

Lava. It's not a dry heat.

Just before Rage of the Firelands (Patch 4.2) came to us, there was a lot of speculation about Volatile Fire and assumptions that people would be paying heavy for it on the Auction House once 4.2 actually released.

True story. I made a thousand or two (I didn’t try especially hard) selling it.

Once daily quests in Mt. Hyjal and Firelands started up, Volatile Fire started to come easy. I assumed that the prices for it would drop dramatically, perhaps all the way down to “free with a cup of soup.”

But, no! You can still get a fairly good price for them.

As a bonus, the places where you can fish it up are uncommonly available for fishing. Probably because everyone is in the Firelands kicking ass.

Moral of the story: Keep trying to get extra Volatile Fires. The prices are still higher than you’d think they should be by now.


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