Yogg-Saron killed!

It was my first time and I was delighted to be taken along for the ride to Yogg-Saron’s pit of doom. I just assumed I’d never see it, but, no!

Along the way were some pretty sights!

Algalon the Observer

It appears Algalon is into sports—basketball, specifically.

Ulduar train

I especially enjoyed taking this train. It was quite exciting and new—I didn’t know it was there or to expect it or anything of the sort. Yay! Very fun!

Yogg-Saron close

Finally, of course, the thing itself, Yogg-Saron. The fight on the “outside of the brain” was not difficult at all and mildly fun. I enjoyed killing tentacles and trying not to go insane.

I was two achievements short of getting the mount, but it is said there will be more runs in the future. I hope so! I just need two at the beginning…




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