The Tainted Forest

Guest post by Abwick:

The Tainted Forest in World of Warcraft

The only beauty in the Tainted Forest: a distant waterfall

This is the Tainted Forest, which my host, the mayor of Surwich, directed me. He asked me to rid the area of unwelcome guests, from animate trees to winged demons and “bog lords.”

The first two types of creatures were easy to spot. The winged demons had wings larger than they were, and made no secret about flying and hovering about as carefree as someone released from Hell would be. And any tree that moved against the wind was a strong candidate for elimination.

There were no beasts suitable for training about, so I depended on Meriwether to hunt for me. Alas, neither of us could find any of the aforementioned bog lords. They were proving elusive. I even checked a mountain top cave, only to discover it had been taken over by demons who seemed to be summoning something. I dared not interfere since only myself and Meriwether stood against them.

I was soon to leave when I espied a cops of titanic mushrooms far in the distance. I figured this must be the bog where its lords frequented. I swam in a small lake to avoid demons to reach the area and indeed found a gaggle of bog lords. I was able to ambush them successfully.

Upon return to Surwich I looked for a decent place to rest, but found nothing. So, I flew all the way back to Nethergarde Keep and took my rest there.

Not a long day, but an eventful one for Meriwether and I.


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