UI four three

There’s a nice article on WoWHead.com about UI improvements in 4.3. Let’s discuss, shall we?

First, bag search:

bag search in 4.3

Bag searching is for the weak! Well, everyone after 4.3 who hasn’t taken advantage of Void Storage, that is. Everyone should have clean, neat, and organized bags after their first visit, right? Hopefully, this feature will be little used! 😉


Reforging UI in 4.3

This is nice, I’m sure, but to be honest I don’t reforge enough to really warrant noticing a profound UI change.

Guard directions

Guard directions in 4.3

I actually use guard directions a fair amount. I can never remember where a profession trainer is for an alt, for example. And where’s the nearest general store? Can a guard tell me that? Having new things at the top and labeled is for people who’re new to the game, and this will help. Change approved.


Altitude UI in 4.3

If this can be used for nodes and quest givers, I’m so for this. A dimmed dot means underground, sure, but right now there’s nothing for above. When one’s searching for elementium in Deepholm, it would be handy to know whether the node is on that shelf above or in the valley below.


Tracking UI in 4.3

Submenus now for tracking. I wasn’t finding the current UI cluttered—but then again I rarely change the tracking. Mayhaps this is more important to hunters who, you know…can track things.




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