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It’s our throne now!

Tonight, me and a friend ‘n’ fellow guildie teamed up as a two-mage fire team and took on the dungeons of Hellfire Peninsula!

Blood Furnace Throne

It's needs some padding…

It was a cake walk! Among other things, we took over this guy’s throne. I didn’t quite get his name. Whatevs!


The Tainted Forest

Guest post by Abwick:

The Tainted Forest in World of Warcraft

The only beauty in the Tainted Forest: a distant waterfall

This is the Tainted Forest, which my host, the mayor of Surwich, directed me. He asked me to rid the area of unwelcome guests, from animate trees to winged demons and “bog lords.”

The first two types of creatures were easy to spot. The winged demons had wings larger than they were, and made no secret about flying and hovering about as carefree as someone released from Hell would be. And any tree that moved against the wind was a strong candidate for elimination.

There were no beasts suitable for training about, so I depended on Meriwether to hunt for me. Alas, neither of us could find any of the aforementioned bog lords. They were proving elusive. I even checked a mountain top cave, only to discover it had been taken over by demons who seemed to be summoning something. I dared not interfere since only myself and Meriwether stood against them.

I was soon to leave when I espied a cops of titanic mushrooms far in the distance. I figured this must be the bog where its lords frequented. I swam in a small lake to avoid demons to reach the area and indeed found a gaggle of bog lords. I was able to ambush them successfully.

Upon return to Surwich I looked for a decent place to rest, but found nothing. So, I flew all the way back to Nethergarde Keep and took my rest there.

Not a long day, but an eventful one for Meriwether and I.


Sometimes, the Archaeology profession leads to some amusing moments, like this one:

Archaeology victim

It looks so peaceful, like it died drinking something out of that dwarves vase…

It died clutching my prize.

Bonus thing: Look carefully at my face there and you’ll see I’m still wearing a mask—after Hallow’s End has ended. I logged off wearing a mask and when I logged back in, there it was!

I do not plan on taking it off until Transmogrification becomes a reality. This way I can wear the world’s ugliest hat and not look like I’m wearing the world’s ugliest hat.


Discarded stories

I enjoy the miscellaneous objects Blizzard places hither and thither in the world.

Take these bones in the Molten Front…

Bones in the Molten Front

What is it? Is this a makeshift shrine? A hasty memorial to fallen comrades before survivors had to flee?

Will their friends ever return to claim those bones?

Or is it a victory pile, meant to celebrate crushing invaders or exalting defenders?

We’ll never know for sure, but I enjoy thinking about the possibilities.

New magic table

Here’s my new magic table, I’ve decided. Do you like it? It’s kinda goth, but I can live with it…

Magic table

Third try!

Searing Scorchling

She's actually as hot to the touch as you would expect…

Behold, the Searing Scorchling! You may get one too by trading in 30 Marks of the World Tree to buy a Zen’Vorka’s Cache. It might be inside! Normally, the cache contains a green weapon, perfect for disenchanting. But there’s a very small chance that the scorching will be inside waiting for you.

I got mine on the third cache! Woooo!

That is all. 🙂

Oh, hello!

Cinderweb QueenWas in the Molten Front and ran into someone new!

Normally, I fight a giant fire elementally type fellow, who sprays fire like a sprinkler and who is deadly if one isn’t paying attention.

Not last night! In his stead was this Cinderweb Queen. Like all spiders, she was easier to kill than the pile of rock and hate I had previously faced.

She’s predominately purple, which I like, which made killing her more sad*.

*Actually not sad.

Yogg-Saron killed!

It was my first time and I was delighted to be taken along for the ride to Yogg-Saron’s pit of doom. I just assumed I’d never see it, but, no!

Along the way were some pretty sights!

Algalon the Observer

It appears Algalon is into sports—basketball, specifically.

Ulduar train

I especially enjoyed taking this train. It was quite exciting and new—I didn’t know it was there or to expect it or anything of the sort. Yay! Very fun!

Yogg-Saron close

Finally, of course, the thing itself, Yogg-Saron. The fight on the “outside of the brain” was not difficult at all and mildly fun. I enjoyed killing tentacles and trying not to go insane.

I was two achievements short of getting the mount, but it is said there will be more runs in the future. I hope so! I just need two at the beginning…




Live Bait questThere’s a daily cooking quest in Ironforge that I do not recommend: Live Bait.

In it, you put bait on yourself to attract crawdads. They swarm you instantly and cling to your body, then you must walk some distance away with them covering your body and making disgusting chewing noises the entire way. As illustrated…

I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing that.

Cho’gallian buffery

Lookit the buffs!

Cho'gall buffs

All these buffs did not help us during last night’s fight. We got him down to 117,000 hit points. Argh. That was super-ultra frustrating, I tell you what. Especially when the fight after that we only got him down to around a million. Not quite sure what happened with that last attempt. My guess is that enough people were too tired and frustrated to fire on all cylinders. Our strategy was fine, we just lacked execution.

Next time!

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